Friday, June 17, 2016


Hi Fappers! 

I haven't used this blog in ages but I have more words than I can fit into a tweet right now.

Its that annoying time of year again when the lease is up and I have to get a move on. UGH. Moving. Hate. 

I'll be moving next month, which means I'll be extra busy in the upcoming weeks. As if I'm not already busy as fuck all the time already! ;)

For that reason I am not going to take any new custom orders until I am settled in the new place. I just know I would not be able to get them done in any reasonable amount of time. 

I will continue working on the handful of custom orders I have outstanding at the moment. They should all be out next week. 

I will be keeping the clip sites updated regularly, so don't forget to keep checking in on my stores!


Sorry my hands are tied. I simply can't take another custom now!

Don't be a big baby about it!

Didn't mean to burst your bubble.

Ok, that's enough....


Friday, September 18, 2015

If you are waiting on an email response from me...

Be sure to check your spam box, especially if you are waiting to receive a custom order video.  I send a lot of links out for video downloads so my email sometimes gets erroneously flagged as spam.  If you ordered a custom a long time ago, message me, it probably got crossed in the spam box.  I know I am trying to get a couple videos out for pre-move orders and can't get a hold of a couple of you guys...

Also if you emailed me about ordering a custom, it's taking a minute to reply to everyone. My requests got a bit backlogged when I was out for a month moving.  I'm still working on replying to all requests for orders, but I can't agree to all the videos in the same week. I usually reply and agree to a few per week so I don't get overloaded.  I will get to you ASAP just be patient.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Yawning is a fetish.... Check out my Yawn Fetish clips!

This is one of the fetishes I never would have known about if not for you guys and your custom order fantasies.  I've since made a small collection of yawn fetish clips.  Its a project that's fun to explore. Many yawn fans want to see teeth, mouths opened as wide as possible, some want leisurely stretches and protruding boobs. 

Are you a yawn fetish fan? If so, let me know what exactly you like to see in yawn fetish clips. What makes a yawn clip the hottest clip possible?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's that time of the year... I'm moving.... again!!

As it seems to be the case every year, triple digit temperatures coincide with my lease ending, meaning it's time for yet another hot and sweaty move.  I will be packing up and changing locations, which comes with some meh news and some very good, awesome news.

The meh news first. Moving takes time and is a huge pain in the ass, which tends to slow video production down for a while.  Expect some delays in email responses as I am sorting out the move over the next 3-4 weeks.  I'm also not going to agree to any new custom order videos at this time since I will be too busy packing and unpacking. If you want a custom order, it will take place after mid August-ish.  Once I am unpacked I will let everyone know that the production line is re-opened.

New videos will keep updating in my studios, as these are filmed and set for release well in advance. Be sure to visit my studios to buy and download them.

My Clips4sale Studios:

The awesome news..., my new place is much bigger. A very large room in the new house is designated to become my cam studio.  This means I have a dedicated place for filming and...



This is awesome news since I have not been able to do live shows for about 2 years now. 

Once I'm all moved in and have the studio set up, I will be able to take Niteflirt and Skype shows.

I've also got my fingers crossed that I can put up my stripper pole in the studio but we will have to see about that one. Either way, fuck yeah awesome news that I will be doing cam shows!!

See you all online very soon!


My studio for mobile phone downloads is opened!

Mobile phone clips are sized 854x480 in mp4 format (*unless otherwise noted). Mp4 format will play on Android, iPhones, iPads, iPods as well as your PC. All mobile phone clips are reduced to the smallest file size for quick download and for using the least storage space possible without sacrificing picture quality.

Be sure to bookmark my Mobile studio if you prefer to wank on the go. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Into Milky Boobs?

My latest lactation fetish clip is #1 for its category.

For this clip, rather than doing the standard look at my pump and spray, I did a little research. I went to the fetish forums for milky boob lovers and read some threads about what the connoisseurs of the genre want to see.  Here we have it, a clip with self-sucking and orgasmic-like release. 

Add some pigtails and a sexy schoolgirl uniform and we have a hit!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Niteflirt Summer of Goodies Contest!

Niteflirt fans, be sure to check out the new contest that gives you a chance to win $100 Niteflirt dollars! To enter, all you have to do is buy and rate a Goody Bag (priced at $1.99 or more) on NiteFlirt between June 1 and June 15. The more Goody Bags you buy, the more times you are entered to win!

A pic of me, just because!